Although the launch of the BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X in India wasn't live streamed, there were plenty of folks on hand for the unveiling of the two new BlackBerry smartphones including our friends at BBin. As they were there to take in the event, they've now put together a quick video of the all the highlights from the launch.

Additionally, if you were looking for a closer look at the BlackBerry-branded wireless charger Optiemus announced, over the weekend, they went ahead and released their own 'teaser' video for the slick looking accessory.

The Evolve has been set at ₹24,990 ($365) with availability kicking off in late August while the Evolve X is set at ₹34,990 ($510) and will be available at some point next month. The charger, however, doesn't seem to have any price listed thus far.

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