BlackBerry Essex Arriving On Sprint Next Year?!?

A few days ago we gave you a hands on look at the BlackBerry essex, aka Tour2, aka 9650 (maybe). At that time, the details pretty much assumed it was heading to Verizon as soon as feasibly possible, even though the hardware reviewed was not the VZW hardware, but the Sprint version (chrome band around the device vs. the darker VZW color). While none of that has really changed as the essex will still make its way to Verizon, Sprint is making no bones about letting people know they will have it in their line up though.

During a Sprint website customer interview, Sprint executive David Owens offered up some facts about what to expect from Sprint in the next little while. One of those facts follows the path taken by Verizon, dig the quote from the online chat:

"Sprint will "add Wi-Fi to [the BlackBerry] Tour" and have other Wi-Fi BlackBerries going forward."

The other fact quite obviously is that what we know now as the essex, will show up on Sprint sometime next year and this may help with some of the frustration new Tour owners were looking at in thinking Verizon was going to release an updated version as soon as possible. So how are you Sprint Tour owners feeling now?

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