We're not 100% sure exactly where this video is from and/or who actually created it (it does look A LOT like this TAT concept video), but it does look to be a work created around the BlackBerry Innovation Forum that took place earlier this month. The Innovation Forum gathered at various venues in Europe and was centered around how to bring better value to customers.

The BlackBerry Innovation Forum is a series of events taking place throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa that brings together business leaders and mobile innovators who all have one thing in common - they want to empower Enterprising Minds to deliver genuine customer value. 

This video is a bit of a far off concept at present, but could it be what's in store for RIM and other smartphone companies in the future? There is some pretty interesting stuff in it that I'm sure we'd all love to see become a reality. So sit back and check it out, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Source: N4BB