BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 MR2 for Microsoft Exchange Coming Soon!

*UPDATE* Domino release notes are available and BES 5.0 SP1 release notes are available for Domino and MS Exchange as well*

It just seems not too long ago at WES that RIM was announcing the availability of BES 5.0, which brings some significant changes to the BES infrastructure as BES Admins know it. Now, word comes from port3101's hdawg that BES 5.0 MR2 is soon to be launched. RIM has taken the time to outline some of the changes within MR2 through their downloadable PDF documentation but the major details, as it stands -- still remain unavailable. Be sure to check out what's within the PDF file as it addresses some concerns BES Admins may have had with the original launch and I'm sure RIM has much more in store for this release as it draws closer.

[ Port3101 ]