No BES Love for BB7

Update: The Enterprise Activation app now supports all BlackBerry 7 devices including the new Curves. Download it from App World here. 

It's bitter sweet when a brand new series of BlackBerry and OS launches. Sweet because of the excitement of getting that shiny new device in your hands. Nobody was more excited than the fearless leader of the CrackBerry Nation Kevin. I don't think it could have been clearer in his unboxing video that he more excited than the 6 year old on Christmas morning when he finds that new red bike. For those of you who missed it, go back and watch the video, you can't fake that love for the BlackBerry.

The bitter part though is many of our favorite apps are not supported on the new series of devices. Today was no different when I went to setup my new Bold 9900. OK so my app isn't working, the Cineplex Mobile app isn't' supported, nor is Copy2Contact; but Enterprise Activation for BESX isn't supported?!?

*Note: The article doesn't imply that BES isn't supported by BB7, just that the BlackBerry Enterprise Express Activation app in AppWorld isn't supported.*

Enterprise Activation Supported Devices

Dear RIM, how am I supposed to activate my new BlackBerry Bold 9900 on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express? Do I have to call my carrier and pay an additional $15 on my data plan for the Service Book to be pushed down? RIM you created this app so we didn't have to do that anymore.

BES support is the bread and butter of the BlackBerry ecosystem, for goodness sakes RIM YOU need to support the devices YOU make.  Please tell me that the guys who work down the hall in the app development department didn't get the memo on that a new series of BlackBerry smartphones were launching?

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