Next up in our string of BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit videos courtesy of is one about a realllly interesting application/service from Handheld-PCS called Hand-e-Pix.  Hand-e-pix takes advantage of the camera and GPS functionality of the BlackBerry and allows users to share photographs which are time and date stamped and geotagged. Other contextual information and free text can also be added to the images which are sent in real time to a securely hosted back office database the 'hand-e-pix media manager' here the information can be sorted, searched and shared. Images and incident information can also be viewed in a GIS system and online maps, such as Google Maps.

So with Hand-e-Pix we are not talking about consumer use here - this isn't about sharing photos with your friends and family. We're talking about enterprise and government use, for example, police officers being able to now use their BlackBerry to take photos and submit them directly into a force's evidence database. There are loads of applications here. Check out the video - very interesting stuff!!

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