Chances are you may of heard of the BlackBerry Elite program that BlackBerry rolled out last year. The team of Elite members are hand picked developers or BlackBerry 'super fans' who BlackBerry value greatly - not just for their dedication, but also for feedback.

The Elite Program was set up to identify and empower the most passionate people in the BlackBerry community with information and opportunities for them to stay connected with BlackBerry and here at BlackBerry Live in Orlando the Elite team get their own special lounge where they can either work or just chill out and enjoy the complimentary food and drinks.

Somehow I seem to be a 'honoury' Elite member so getting through lounge security wasn't an issue. I was pretty impressed with the set up as you can see in the video. Another fine example of how BlackBerry are looking after their loyal developers and fans.

Nice job BlackBerry - I just wish I had the time to go and chill out tin there myself!