Following the release of BlackBerry UEM the company is expanding the software offerings to enterprise users. In a video published to the BlackBerry YouTube account, we're getting a closer look at the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher and how it offers value to businesses.

The re-imagined BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher is a powerful mobile desktop solution that packs secure and approved applications and tools all in one place. This robust solution works to streamline business workflows and reduce the need to open and close multiple apps over and over. The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher can be integrated by developers into their business apps to extend critical functionality right into the BlackBerry Dynamics platform.

There are some strong ideas here that expand upon the initial offering from Good Technology. BlackBerry has taken some inspiration from the BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Launcher and combined these ideas into an all-in-one mobile desktop for enterprise users. What's more - enterprises can even skin the application with the company logo to make the solution feel tailored to the user. From the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher, you're able to quickly send an IM, email, schedule a meeting, add a contact and more. Within the launcher, there's a Secure Browser solution and application storefront where users can download BlackBerry-secured applications.

The BlackBerry Dynamics Platforms serves as a foundation for the launcher, and it enables organizations to:

  • Protect corporate applications from leaking enterprise data outside of IT control, with policy-based app controls
  • Secure enterprise data in use, at rest and in motion between backend servers and apps
  • Maintain security of documents and data shared between apps via encrypted app-to-app tunneling technology
  • Preserve end user privacy without need for intrusive geo-location or whole device wipe techniques

Workflows are an important part of the launcher's design. You can seamlessly move between an enterprise IM app to a PowerPoint presentation and then into an email and back, all without leaving the launcher. Aggregating all these services and features in one place increases productivity and speeds up workflows on mobile. It's admittedly easy to get distracted when bouncing back and forth between 3-4 apps to accomplish a simple task. The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher aims to reduce these distractions by empowering the mobile employee on tablets and smartphones with the same robust capabilities and tools they use on their desktop.