The long awaited release of the BlackBerry Q10 is just around the corner and with that we're seeing plenty of support for the device already when it comes to developers. Over the past few days there has been several app updates rolling out to BlackBerry World with their majority focus being support for the BlackBerry Q10. The BlackBerry Q10 will arguably be the more popular device among BlackBerry users given it's fantastic QWERTY keyboard so it's not surprising to see so many devs already getting things lined up.

A few examples of updates we're seeing include theScore, Maxim, Flight Aware, Podcasts, Visual Connection, Combo Pics and more! In any case, it's awesome to see so many devs releasing updates and yes, in case you're wondering. The CB 10 app will see BlackBerry Q10 support as well. Spotted any not mentioned? Drop them in the comments and let others know. We'll be following along and get a nice list put together as a round-up.