BlackBerry Device Rumors Galore!

Looks like our friend the Boy Genius has been scouting around Notepad and has uncovered a ton of references to yet unannounced/unreleased BlackBerry smartphone models:

  • references to the non-3G Bold-styled device codenamed Javelin
  • references to the Storm (now what we are calling the BlackBerry Thunder) and it having a "Virtual" keyboard
  • references to the 9100 codenamed KickStart (we've seen lots on this baby already)
  • references to the 9110 Seawolf, which by the looks of things should be a 9100 KickStart equipped with GPS and rumored to be heading to AT&T (remember the 9100 is supposedly heading to T-Mobile first)
  • references to the BlackBerry Aurora. BG isn't sure on this one - he thinks it may now be in the RIM R&D graveyard (looks to have the same device id listed as the Storm but is listed as belong to the 8100 series).
Cool News. The biggest new info here would the GPS-equipped 9110 SeaWolf potentially making its way over to AT&T. You can see the rest of the BG's notepad screen captures here. OK, that's enough. We're talking unannounced devices and all I really want is my BlackBerry Bold to be released!