BlackBerry Apps

We all know that RIM has been the center of a ton of negative attention, and many people complain that there are not enough applications out there, but is that the developers fault, or the ecosystems fault? A recent study that was performed by Evans Data Corp set out to gather the facts, and to see on which platform the developers made the most money, and the results are shocking. 400 commercial developers were interviewed and the results showed that 13% of BlackBerry developers make over $100,000 from their application, which they say is "considerably more than Android or iOS developers."

Of course this doesn't hold for every developer, not just anyone who submits an application to AppWorld is going to make over $100,000, but it does show that the BlackBerry ecosystem is strong, users are willing to buy applications, we just need people to continue to develop them.

So developers, now that you know the potential how many of you are off to sign up for the upcoming Hackathon events and bring BlackBerry the applications that we dream for?

Source: Evans Data Corp; via Yahoo