The BlackBerry Developers Conference is a mere 6 days away from now. Since we're getting ever so close, the common question asked is what will we be seeing come from from Research In Motion during that time? This year, Research In Motion has been rather giving in terms of the information being relayed about what to expect. Through videos and blog postings we now know that they'll certainly be showing off BlackBerry 6 on a number of devices including the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the BlackBerry Pearl 3G (sure would be nice if they'd just release that already!). Check out the videos and info after the break to learn more about some of the stuff we're looking forward to seeing.

In addition to a lot of BlackBerry 6 information, Research In Motion has made mention of a new Social Apps platform that they have been working on. The platform is noted as making great use of the push API that was unveiled last year and its combination with Super Apps sounds pretty compelling. Another thing on the table is the evolution of BlackBerry Widgets. While they were announced last year, this year they take a huge leap forward and Research In Motion will be showing off BlackBerry widgets all designed using HTML5. Maybe they'll announce a new name for widgets - there's been a lot of confusion around what the widget SDK is all about.

Finally, Research In Motion hasn't forgotten their business side of things. New commerce solutions will be shown off and enterprise application development is said to be getting a kickstart as well with a new platform that is both cost effective and efficient for those needing mission-critical enterprise applications and back-end data stores. When it all comes down to it, this years event really is poised to be the biggest BlackBerry Developers Conference thus far and some seriously interesting things should come from the event that will give everyone a broader look into Research In Motion's plans for the months ahead.