BlackBerry Developer? Learn How To Plug Those Memory Leaks

As a BlackBerry user, we've all seen some applications here and there that leak memory and it can be quite a pain. As a BlackBerry developer this can be an extremely frustrating thing to have to deal with, especially if you have a amazing application you wish to release but just cannot find the memory leak. While checking out the BlackBerry developers blog the other day I began reading the two part series "How to find that memory leak" that was written up to assist BlackBerry developers with not only finding memory leaks but also plugging them.

Whether you are a BlackBerry developer or a BlackBerry user, you may wish to give them a read through. While most of the terms are outlined for developers, a user can get the basis of why memory leaks happen. And for all you developers out there, you can learn some best methods to help prevent those memory leaks in your apps and save yourself some hassle.