BlackBerry Developer Conference Session Catalog Available For Viewing

The BlackBerry developers blog has posted a little while ago that the Developers conference session catalog is now available to view online. Mike Kirkup used the developers blog to introduce the new system in place as well for identifying the "type" of sessions there will be this year. The system is based on tags and breaks down like this:


  • Sessions are broken down based on the type of developer that may be most interested in attending this session including Commercial Enterprise Developers, Consumer Developers, Corporate Developers, Business (CIOs), and Application Architects/Designers.


  • Sessions are broken down based on the core technology they would discuss or leverage including Java®, Web, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, BlackBerry® Internet Service, and BlackBerry® Developer Tools.


  • Sessions are further categorized based on a specialization of the topic including Multimedia, Location Based Services, User Interface, and Security.

Technical Level

  • Sessions are rated according to the expected knowledge level of attendees – introductory, intermediate and advanced.

Session Format and Attributes

  • We also give you the ability to filter sessions based on the format of the session (eg. RIM-lead Sessions vs. Community sessions) or by attributes of the session itself (eg. does the presenter provide a demo or sample code).

You can review the complete session catalog online at the BlackBerry Developers Conference website or head on over the the BlackBerry Developers Blog to learn more about how the new tag system is being utilized.