BlackBerry 6

The upcoming launch of the BlackBerry Torch brings with it the long awaited BlackBerry 6 operating system. With the launch of the OS, BlackBerry Developers have also been handed some new tools to work with that enhance the overall BlackBerry experience and take it to the next level. Over the next few months as BlackBerry 6 gets into the hands of users, developers will be hard at working making new applications and exploring all of the new APIs that Research In Motion has included. To help get them started, the BlackBerry Developer Blog recently highlighted quite a few articles outlining some of the finer details of BlackBerry 6 and how best to explore some of the new techniques and services offered.

2010 BlackBerry Developer Super Apps Challenge - September 6th Deadline is Approaching! The content found in these articles is great if you're a BlackBerry developer looking to create some super apps for the BlackBerry Developer Challenge. With the BlackBerry Developers Conference not that far off (Sept 27th -30th, San Francisco) folks will certainly be looking to see some great stuff happening within BlackBerry development.This year the BlackBerry Partners Fund is looking for anyone who is building super apps. Be it an application which you feel is already a super app or a new app you are currently working on. They want to see it. The challenge is set. The stakes are over $1.5 Million worth of prizes and includes developer services from leading industry partners, featured placements on BlackBerry App World, marketing programs from Research In Motion and much more. So what are you waiting for? If you are a BlackBerry developer who is delivering super apps, you'll want to take on the BlackBerry Developer Fund's 2010 Super Apps Developer Challenge. The full list of contest prizes, eligibility and requirements are available on the BlackBerry Partners Fund website, just click the link.