BlackBerry DevCon Asia
Planning on attending BlackBerry DevCon Asia? Looks like you may need to keep an eye on your arrangements, based on this message posted on the BlackBerry DevCon Asia website.
Registration for BlackBerry® DevCon Asia is currently suspended as we evaluate appropriate alternatives in light of the unfortunate flooding that is affecting Bangkok. Please check back shortly for more information.

Existing registrations will remain active. More details will be provided soon.

Questions should be directed to
Thailand is experiencing the worst flooding they have seen in 50 years, though reports are showing that floodwaters in the capital city of Bangkok are already starting to recede. Hopefully Research In Motion won't have to cancel the event, and instead postpone it or move it to a different location. Thailand is well known for bouncing back from all sorts of setbacks - tsunamis, epidemics, political unrest - and with tourism a huge part of their economy, I'm sure they will do all they can to recover from this quickly as well.