BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry’s preparing for the developer launch of BlackBerry 10.3 with an update to their public roadmap. Though there are a few nice additions due to land in May, but the most noteworthy thing about the following 10.3.1 update is that Adobe AIR won’t be included as an on-device runtime. Devs that have made apps that use AIR can port their creations over to Android or WebWorks easily enough, according to the FAQ they wrote for the end of life for AIR.

Besides that, here’s what features we can see on the native runtime roadmap, Android runtime roadmap, and WebWorks roadmap.


  • OpenMax
  • Pro Voice
  • Design Units
  • New Asset Selector
  • New Layout
  • App Colorization
  • List Rearrange
  • 64-bit tools (The Momentics IDE will include Native 64-bit support for Windows, OSX and Linux.)
  • Pretty Painters
  • Card Templates


  • Enhanced Tooling
  • Headless Apps
  • Work Perim. Debug
  • APIs

Android Runtime

  • Runtime Update
  • Accounts
  • Bluetooth LE
  • NFC
  • Share Framework V2
  • Tooling Update

We’ve already seen what’s available in the BlackBerry 10.3 leak, but what features would you like to see? Is this list looking good? How many developers here have built their apps using AIR? Is it going to be a huge hassle changing over to WebWorks or Android?

Source: Inside BlackBerry