BlackBerry Desktop Software If you're into testing beta software or have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha you're making use of, BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.1.0.31 Bundle 32 is now available for download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. As it pertains to normal devices, the changes are as follows:

  • Add a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that has BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.1 or later installed on it 
  • Sync your music by individual songs or by collections of music, including albums
  • Sync all of your configured data at one time by toggling the sync button in a synchronization screen
    and selecting Sync All
  • Drag and drop picture and video folders from your computer into the BlackBerry Desktop Software
    to sync with your smartphone or tablet
  • Learn about Music, Pictures, and Videos before configuring the features

For Dev Alpha owners, the update says you should be able to reload the software on your device but there appears to be some conflicting reports. Please, check here for more details. Based on that info, we should see a Dev Alpha OS update next week and until then it is suggested folks don't wipe their Dev units. The update can be found in the BlackBerry Beta Zone right now.

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software