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Update: Check out the full change log below! (Thanks canuckvoip)

It's been a while since the BlackBerry Desktop Software has received an update, but today version 7.1.0 B35 is available for download. We're not quite sure what's new and improved in this version, so if you spot anything fancy let us know. Assume it's the usual tweaks and bug fixes for the most part. Looks to be the PC only version as well (for now). Now get to downloading ... and bring on BlackBerry Link!!

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC 

New features and enhancements

The new features and enhancements for BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.4 build 13 include the following items:

Support for new BlackBerry PlayBook tablets

BlackBerry Desktop Software now supports mobile network enabled tablets.

Improved Group to Category synchronization for your contacts

When you synchronize your contacts, the BlackBerry Desktop Software maps Groups from your Apple Address Book to a Category with the same name in the Contacts app on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Ability to restore a backup file created using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows

You can restore a backup file that was created using the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows to your smartphone or tablet using the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac.

Fixed issues

This section lists issues fixed between BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.3.1 build 5 and BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.4 build 16.

Synchronizing organizer data


Previously, if you had set up and synchronized a calendar using the BlackBerry Desktop Software for an email address you added to the BlackBerry Internet Service and then, from your smartphone, you changed the calendar you wanted to synchronize, the BlackBerry Desktop Software didn't display the error message: "Service for your device's calendar has changed."(DT 2418213)

Previously, if you have more than one calendar in iCal and you configured calendar sync, if you created an event in iCal and synced to your smartphone and then later deleted the event from iCal and manually forced the event to sync to your smartphone, the BlackBerry Desktop Software didn't delete the event from the smartphone and you received a synchronization error. (DT 2333729)

Previously, if you configured the iCloud online service on Mac OS X 10.7.2, you couldn't sync your iCal entries using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. After you configured synchronization for your calendar, you received the following BlackBerry Desktop Software error message: "There are no calendars for synchronization." Also, the Sync button in the BlackBerry Desktop Software wasn't grayed out, and it appeared that you could sync your iCal entries. If you clicked Sync, you received a synchronization error. (DT 2115620)

Updating the software on your smartphone or tablet

Previously, if your tablet stopped responding and you connected it to the BlackBerry Desktop Software to load the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS on to the device, if you disconnected your tablet from your computer and completed the setup steps on your tablet, when you reconnected your tablet, the Storage field on the Summary screen displayed 0 B. You were unable to synchronize or backup your media files. (DT 3063465)