BlackBerry Desktop Software With the rumored launch date of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G only a few days away, a new piece of the puzzle has arrived directly from RIM themselves. The latest update to BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac and Windows is available for folks to download directly from the RIM site with the Mac version sitting 2.4.0 build 16 while it's Windows counterpart sits at version v7.1.0.33.

The Windows version was previously beta for those who had Dev Alpha devices but that's no longer the case and is available for all now. The updates both indicate support for mobile network enabled tablets, meaning the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G of course, so alas, that launch date is looking a little bit more solid. All that said, RIM actually already had support for the tablets built into some versions but with this release, they're now making it public.

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Via: Berry Review