Leaked version of BlackBerry Desktop Software

Do you like Leaked BlackBerry software? If you're like me, it's one of the reasons you read CrackBerry.com. Over in our forums, OpenSourceBB has let us know they've got their hands on the new beta version of BlackBerry Desktop Software BlackBerry Desktop Software has long been the program to keep your BlackBerry backed up and connected to your computer. Now supposedly, this piece of software is available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, but not everyone (yours truly included) can get it. With this leaked version, you can download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software without the need for a Beta Zone keycode.

So if you're interested in grabbing the latest leaked release of BlackBerry Desktop Software, head on over to our forums and give it a look. I'm headed there now.

Leaked BlackBerry Desktop Software - No Keycode Needed