BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 Pics Show Up Online

Ok, so maybe it's not pics. Rather, just a screenshot of things to come for BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Earlier today we mentioned that latest that Research In Motion was pushing now is version but, shortly after that the folks over at revealed the above snapshot of version 6.0.I'm liking the UI changes here. Also digging the fact it looks like RIM has placed a little more concentration on media handling.

Interesting note, see how it says podcasts on the side bar? For the longest time now the BlackBerry OS has had a default folder named "Podcasts" built into it. I always wondered what it was for considering you essentially have no way to download podcasts on your BlackBerry without a third party app like PodTrapper or using Opera Mini to bypass the download limit. Maybe a new OS combined with Desktop Manager 6.0 will change that. Pipe dreams?