We got cozy with BlackBerry at GDC 2013 and they were pretty excited to show off two juicy pieces of BlackBerry 10 news. For one, they're starting the process of opening a beta of the Unity 3D engine. This is big news for developers that are already well-entrenched with Unity on other platforms, but also those currently considering BlackBerry 10, but need something to handle their graphics. 

The other cool thing BlackBerry had at their booth was a demo of Bluetooth HID controllers working flawlessly with the BlackBerry Z10. The Unity demo game, Angry Robots, played fine with the hardware controller, as did the fan favorite Alpha Zero. The BlackBerry engineer we talked to told us he was working on Wiimote compatibility, so it's easy to imagine PS3 optimization isn't far off. At this point it's simply a matter of devs looking at the right docs and making sure their game plays nice with Bluetooth controllers. 

No word on Moga support unfortunately, but maybe this demo will show that some kind of partnership is in order.