While many folks are concentrating on all the BlackBerry running Android rumors and speculation, it has been rather easy to forget there's still one other BlackBerry device out there that still remains somewhat of a mystery. The BlackBerry 'Dallas' aka SQW100-4, better known thus far as the 'Oslo' has gone through many rumors itself, but the latest news has it being certified in Singapore through IDA and in Malaysia through e-CoM.

If you'll recall, the Oslo / Dallas rumors started off with the device being a China-specific offering which then extended into it being an EMEA and APAC offering but the information there didn't add up due to the fact that device supported wireless bands almost identical to that of AT&T and T-Mobile. Rumors then switched to it being a T-Mobile exclusive device after BlackBerry CEO John Chen noted, 'We plan to launch an exclusive Passport promotion with them on both of our e-commerce site, details to be worked out' during the BlackBerry Q1FY2016 earnings call. With the recent certification filings, it seems the rumors have almost gone full circle and we still don't know where the device is headed officially, when it will appear or even why it exists given it's just a redressed BlackBerry Passport.

UPDATE - The device has now also appeared in Indonesia as well through e-POSTEL. Thanks, @ali_tan_gunners!

via: @KevinNgTK