CurveThe new BlackBerry Curve is now available from at&t. Starting today, you can get the newest BlackBerry device and be the envy of your friends. The BlackBerry Curve is the smallest, lightest BlackBerry ever with a QWERTY keyboard. It features trackball navigation, a 2 MP camera with flash, and a microSD™ expandable memory slot. The Curve is the first BlackBerry to support AT&T Mobile Music, an enhanced media player, and stereo Bluetooth® headset capabilities. It also sports a standard 3.5 mm headset jack to accommodate stereo headsets.

It does come with navigation support, but not built-in GPS. So if you want GPS navigation, you will have to buy a separate GPS device.

And of course, it still does email.

Haven’t been to a real store yet, but the online price for a new account with 2-year activation and rebate is $199.


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