Following up our hands-on walk through of the BlackBerry Bold 9790, I spent some time at BlackBerry headquarters with the first touchscreen in the Curve franchise, the BlackBerry Curve 9380.

The Curve 9380 is clearly the sister of the full qwerty BlackBerry Curve 9360. With both phones lying side by side with fronts facing down, it's difficult to tell which is which. The only noticeable difference is the location of the microUSB port - on the 9380 it's a little lower, centered on the left side of the phone.

The big changes are all up front, with the Curve 9380 scrapping a physical keyboard in favor of a bright 3.2" display delivering a resolution of 480x360 pixels. Otherwise, the tech specs are pretty much on par with the 9360. You can check out the full BlackBerry Curve 9380 specs list here.

First impressions with the Curve 9380 are that it's a snappy little device. Very "pocketable". The big question most folks are pondering though is why would one buy the Curve 9380 over the more fully loaded Torch 9860 / Torch 9850 which has a faster processor and higher resolution display? The answer is cost. In markets where carriers do not offer contracts that lower the upfront purchase price, the new Curve 9380 will deliver a full touchscreen BlackBerry 7 experience without breaking the bank.

The Curve 9380 also marks a nice rounding out of the BlackBerry 7 Smartphone lineup - now every current family in the BlackBerry lineup -- Bold, Curve, Torch -- offer a touchscreen device model. We'll be following up soon with our full review. Stay tuned! 

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