BlackBerry Curve FCC

Although still not official from RIM, all leaks point to the BlackBerry Curve 9360/70 as being the next devices in the BlackBerry line to be unveiled, and todays FCC filings are a sure sign of that. Both the 9360 and 9370 have just appeared at the FCC. RDD71UW, RDC771UW are what they are currently listed as. The filings don't call out the specs but it does confirm NFC is onboard for both variations. Need a specs refresher?

  • Tavor MG-1 800mHz processor
  • 512MB of RAM / 512MB eMMC
  • Built in Digital Compass
  • 1050mAh Battery
  • 5MP Camera w/ Flash
  • 480x360 Display
  • Built in WiFi
  • Built in NFC
  • Built in GPS
  • BlackBerry 7 (Lite?)
  • Bluetooth

We're guessing that's what the UK announcement is for but we'll have to wait it out and see. As you can tell, the specs are well below that of the previously announced BlackBerry 7 line-up but for Curve fans out there, the update keeps the low-cost model in mind while still pushing it ahead ever so slightly.

Source: FCC; via: CrackBerry Forums