BlackBerry Curve 9300 seeks FCC approval, sure to get it

** Update:  Sorry folks. Looks like this one isn't actually the Curve 9300 but rather a refresh of the 8530 device, now supporting CDMA AWS 1700. *

Research In Motion has seemingly snuck the BlackBerry Curve 9300 into the FCC recently. We've seen the BlackBerry Curve 9300 show up on many occassions now, even sporting quite a few odd colors. It's arrival in the FCC database seems to lend it's hand to the fact we'll soon be seeing it arrive in stores. As noted by Engadget, it's being shown off with the technical specs that meet that of some regional carriers in the fact it's listed as having Triband CDMA. If you're looking for a new Curve series device, this will soon be the best option. Those of you looking for a more spec'd out device; hang tight while the 9670 and 9800 finish baking.

Source: Engadget