BlackBerry Curve 9300 and Curve 9330
Click Image for the BlackBerry 9300 UAProf Document

We usually like to save our unsubstantiated rumormill stuff for Fridays, but in this case the rumor isn't unsubstantiated so it's going up on a Thursday night... as it's backed with a new UAProf document (created April 6th) on RIM's server which proves its existence as an in-the-works device. So what rumored device are we talking about? Well the BlackBerry Curve 9300 of course! At one point towards the end of our last CrackBerry Podcast I tossed out two words at random ... Kepler! Aries II! These words weren't just mumbo jumbo though, but rather BlackBerry device codenames I have been hearing for a while now, with Kepler believed to be the BlackBerry Curve 9300 and Aries II the sibling CDMA equivalent, the BlackBerry Curve 9330. It's interesting to note that the 9300 device model isn't totally new - google around and you'll see lots of mentions of it, as it was previously linked to the gemini which ultimately became javelin and the Curve 8900, gemini being the 8520. As devices have moved up into the 9000's now, it's looking like RIM will be using that 9300 device model, but rather for the next generation of entry level Curve.

I've been under the impression that the Curve 9300 and 9330 are the next generation of the BlackBerry Curve 85xx series devices, and the UAProf document definitely helps to collaborate that, with the BlackBerry 9300 being shown as having the old school 320x240 low resolution display. For the hardcore CrackBerry addicts out there it's not likely a device to get too excited about, but as RIM continues to grow and do especially well with these lower priced devices in emerging markets, odds are they'll sell boat loads of it. We don't really know much at this time - expect improved hardware and let's hope by the time it hits the market OS 6.0 and that WebKit browser are in full swing. From the UAProf document you can also gather the 9300 has a chip that supports WiFi 802.11n and also unlike the 8520, the 9300 has 3G. We'll let you know more as this one unfolds.

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