BlackBerry Curve 8910 Pictured Looking Identical To "Atlas"

As we mentioned, over at BerryReview Ronen got his hands on the above pic of the BlackBerry Curve 8910. After our intiial posting of the device being registered with the Bluetooth SIG we speculated that it was most likely the unreleased BlackBerry "Atlas" that has shown it's face before but was never released.

With the new pic showing up seems that speculation was pretty much on target as it looks identical to all the pictures we have seen of the so called "Atlas". No 3G, 8900 keypad, 256mb, 624mHz processor along with a 3.2mp camera and finally, a trackpad and  just like a 9700 without the Bold keyboard as was all outlined in the spec sheet we have also seen previously. Putting all the latest news together, the specs, the pictures  all seem to lead to an official number branding of what was formerly known as "Atlas" which once again, we do not feel is intended for the North American market.