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4 Nov 2009
19 Nov 2009
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Looking back: History shows BlackBerry is no Henry Ford

A few weeks back we ran a poll asking what color options you'd want to see for BlackBerry 10 devices. While a good number of you said you'd want to see many color options, most people simply want black and white. There's a famous quote by Henry Ford - "You can have it in any color, as long as it's...

Case-Mate Barely There Case for BlackBerry Curve 3G and 85xx series

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] The Case-Mate Barely There case for the BlackBerry Curve 3G and 85xx series is still a fan favorite. I love the simplicity and the feel of the case itself. It doesn't totally surround the device, but it does give that little bit of extra protection...

Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 now available from Sprint

  Curve 8530 users get another official update, this time courtesy of Sprint. OS is now available for download. The builds just keep getting bigger on these OS 5 releases and it seems like there is an endless supply. Some reports are in the forums on this one so far, so if you install...

Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 from Virgin Mobile Canada

BlackBerry Curve 8530 users get a treat today with this latest OS. Coming from Virgin Mobile Canada OS (what a nice round number) is ready for download. If you're running an 8530 you may want to give this one a go. Be sure to drop a comment letting us know how its working for you as...

Verizon BlackBerry Tour, Bold and Curve software updates arriving today

*UPDATE - 8530 gets OS while Tour and Bold got* As was mentioned previously, Verizon is set to send out software updates for the BlackBerry Bold, Tour and Curve 8530 starting today. The official word we were sent is: Verizon Wireless will have software updates available...

Boost Mobile adds BlackBerry Curve 8530 to lineup

Starting October 14th, Boost Mobile will be adding the Curve 8530 to its current lineup of BlackBerry Smartphones. The $249 device can be paired with a $60 unlimited plan that includes email, voice, text and web. The Curve 8530 features an optical trackpad, media buttons, full QWERTY keyboard,...

Official OS now available for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 from Verizon Wireless

The latest official OS comes from Verizon for the BlackBerry Curve 8530. OS was made available yesterday and is ready to roll. Hopefully some new fixes to tweak up the remaining bugs and get things running smooth. As usual, use caution when installing even though this is an official...

Leaked: BlackBerry Curve 8530 OS

One more for the evening. BlackBerry Curve 8530 owners, this is for you. OS has leaked and, while we're not exactly sure what has changed, it could be worth the time it takes to upgrade. Especially, if you've been having issues with any previous OS. Again, back up your data folks...

Official OS released for Curve 8530 by Metro PCS

For those of us rocking the 8530, OS updates seem to be few and far between, but here's a little something to get you excited. Special thanks to @RystNet for the tip, it looks like Metro PCS has officially released for the BlackBerry Curve 8530. I haven't seen much about this OS yet,...

Cricket Wireless announces the BlackBerry Curve 8530, preorder available

Here's a little reminder for all you folks who may not be interested in paying the big carriers prices. BGR was lucky enough back in March to get a listing of up coming devices for Cricket and as we let you know, the BlackBerry Curve 8530 was set to launch in August. Here we are now, a few days...

BlackBerry Curve 8530 comes to MetroPCS; Brings $60 unlimited data plan

MetroPCS announced today that they are now offering the BlackBerry Curve 8530 to customers. The device will carry a flat-rate $60 plan that includes unlimited talk, text, web, data, email and turn-by-turn GPS. This brings along another option that is a great alternative to higher priced contract...

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8530

Curve 8530 users always seems to get left behind when it comes to OS leaks, but today you're in luck. We have OS thanks to our friends at BBLeaks. No reports in yet on the good or bad of this one, but if you are looking for something to do today, why not give the upgrade a shot? As...



The BlackBerry Curve 3G 8530 replaces the long popular BlackBerry Curve 8330. The new design from RIM scraps the trackball in favor of the more durable optical trackpad. The Curve 8530 features the same display as the older Curve, but fits it into a sleek and stylish body that features dedicated media playback buttons. For an entry level smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve 8530 packs a lot of punch!