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3 May 2007
10 May 2007
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Looking back: History shows BlackBerry is no Henry Ford

A few weeks back we ran a poll asking what color options you'd want to see for BlackBerry 10 devices. While a good number of you said you'd want to see many color options, most people simply want black and white. There's a famous quote by Henry Ford - "You can have it in any color, as long as it's...

Walmart shows off a BlackBerry 6 Ready Curve 8310 - False advertising at its finest

This one definitely made me chuckle a bit. Nigel sent in the above image of an AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8310 on display at a local Walmart. It seems that wires got crossed somewhere as the device is being advertised as BlackBerry 6 Ready. As we all know, the 83xx series will never see...

Vodafone BlackBerry 8300 Spotted!

This came up in the forums yesterday - it seems photos of a BlackBerry 8300 have been spotted on flickr! I guess this means our European Blackberry Addict friends may just be lucky enough to be using 8300s by summer! Thanks Mr. M for taking the photos - see his 8300 collection...

RIM in Release Mode

I think I have suitably recovered from my green beer induced haze and recovered my BlackBerry from the bottom of the spittoon at the local Irish pub. Durable little puppies those CrackBerries. The BoyGeniusReport is claiming this morning the new BlackBerry 8300 (right) is due to be released by...

New Blackberry 8300 Daytona Discovered

These photos cropped up this week on a Spanish website. They are of the new BlackBerry 8300, which has the zippy codename of “Daytona.” It is a fine looking device that blends the best of the 8700 with the Pearl. This demo version --- it says Evaluation Unit Not For Sale on the back—features a...

The BlackBerry Curve 8300 was a marked departure from the business-cut 8800; it had a brand new keyboard style, a camera, and was especially light. A GPS-equipped variant, the BlackBerry Curve 8310, a Wi-Fi-enabled version, the 8320, and a CDMA model, the 8330, were also produced. The BlackBerry Curve 8300 was launched May 2007.