Unboxing videos. Love em or hate em, you know we gotta do them! The BlackBerry Curve 3G is available on Rogers now, and coming to other carriers soon, so it's time to tear open the box and see what's inside. The BlackBerry Curve 3G is RIM's entry level smartphone, so while it gets decent internals (the same 624MHZ processor that's in the Pearl 3G and Bold 9700), it skimps on other hardware - the low resolution 320 by 240 display is the same as the old Curve 8300 / 8800 series devices used to have and the camera is 2 megapixels without a flash (note, in the video I accidentally say that video recording resolution is the same as the Pearl 3G's thanks to the update to the chipset, but it's not... vid recording on the Curve 3G is still a lowly 320x240). 

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