As promised, I made the trip to NYC this week to meet up with Adam Zeis and our new-to-CrackBerry contributor, Jubei Raziel, to catch up on all things BlackBerry.

Specifically, we were going to spend 15 minutes listening to Jubei's thoughts on last week's BlackBerry Experience: New York, but in true CrackBerry fashion we stretched it out just a little bit longer (you know me... I tend to talk a lot once I get going).

It's an absolute must-watch vodcast as we walk through the multiple topics that BlackBerry's senior management team talked about during the BlackBerry Experience event. A lot of tough questions were asked, and a lot of straight answers were given on subjects like BBM and BlackBerry's marketing activities.

As for the title of the podcast, well, on the way out from the event last week, Jubei asked BlackBerry's John Sims if he had a message he'd like to give CrackBerry Nation. And what was it. You can count on BlackBerry.

We hope you enjoy the Vodcast!! Keep up the fight #TEAMBLACKBERRY!

This vodcast dedicated to the Ultimate Warrior