Update: Funding has now officially been announced.

According to a new report coming from The Globe and Mail, BlackBerry could be all set to receive $40M in funding from the Canadian Government to help boost BlackBerry QNX's connected car technology.

The funding, which is suggested to be announced as soon as Friday in Kanata by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, will be added to the $300M investment by BlackBerry already in place and be used to fund improvements and enhancements to their integration with connected car platforms, automated driver assistance systems, and to help build new automated vehicle concepts and test tracks.

Naturally, we'll have to wait and see how this one pans out, but any boost to BlackBerry QNX is undoubtedly going to help the company. BlackBerry stock activity has been shall we say 'busy' for the past week or so, so it feels like something is brewing.