As part of the DTEK60 launch, BlackBerry COO, Marty Beard sat down with Christine Chen to discuss the latest newest member of the DTEK series, BlackBerry's overall software strategy and the Enterprise of Things. Although the webinar only lasts a little 20 mins, Beard managed to pack a lot into the conversation, and you'll certainly want to check it out if you haven't caught it as of yet.

Some key highlights include Beard stating "This is ABSOLUTELY not the last BlackBerry phone," and "I will be very surprised if we don't have a keyboard device." Of course, all of that is carefully followed up by the mention any devices in the future will come by way of working with partners through deals such as the one made with newly formed joint venture PT BB Merah Putih.

Some pretty obvious statements there, given what we've heard already from BlackBerry CEO John Chen and BlackBerry's Senior Vice President for Global Device Sales, Alex Thurber but reiteration is good, considering some outlets are still running with headlines that would make folks believe BlackBerry is entirely out of the smartphone game, which is really not true at all.

Another question raised during the Q&A session was whether or not there would be any BlackBerry 10 devices in the future, and where BlackBerry stands on pushing out 10.3.3 to those waiting for it. As Beard noted, 10.3.3 is in the final stages of NIAP certification, which is an intensive process but the release is imminent. Check out the video for yourself.