Content Transfer now moves SMS and email accounts to your Priv from other Android phones

BlackBerry has just updated their Content Transfer app for Android — it can now backup and transfer your text messages and email accounts from other Android smartphones to the BlackBerry Priv. It also now supports transferring data from a BlackBerry 7 smartphone, so if you're coming from an older device, you'll also be able to transfer your tasks and email accounts over to the Priv.

Here is a full changelog of what is new in this latest update.

  • You can transfer text messages (SMS) and Email accounts from an Android device to your BlackBerry device powered by Android
  • You can transfer tasks and Email accounts from a BlackBerry 7 device to your BlackBerry device powered by Android
  • A progress indicator shows you approximately how long the transfer will take
  • If you use a media card or Google Drive to transfer your content, you can see how much space is available on your media card or Google Drive

Content Transfer's definitely a handy app to aid in switching from another smartphone to the BlackBerry Priv. I used it myself when I switched from the Passport Silver Edition to the Priv, and it transferred my content without issue. Adding email account settings and text messages to the list is just gravy.