A new report from Reuters suggests that's the case according to some of their infamous sources familiar with the situation. This isn't the first time we've heard such a thing either. It's been a topic of discussion for quite some time now but nothing has ever really come of it. However, if Reuters sources are correct there could be something to it eventually:

"There is a change of tone on the board," one of the sources said on Thursday. No deal is imminent, however, and BlackBerry has not launched any kind of a sale process, the sources said. Even if it tried, BlackBerry could find it hard to come up with a buyer and the funding to go private.

For some folks, taking the company private is seen as a great option as it would allow BlackBerry to operate out of the spotlight but it's easier said than done. Additionally, the report also notes that BlackBerry has had discussions with Silver Lake Partners about potential collaboration in enterprise computing but the talks with Silver Lake did not involve any buyout or other transaction-related discussions.

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