BlackBerry Computer Data Sync app enters the Beta Zone

Although it appears to be rather limited at the moment, a new BlackBerry 10 app is appearing in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for a small number of BlackBerry 10 device owners. The app is simply named 'Computer Data Sync for BlackBerry' and it helps you to add your organizer data from Microsoft Outlook on your BlackBerry 10 device in the following ways:

  • Transfer contacts and calendar events from your computer to your device, one time only.
  • Sync contacts and calendar events between your computer and your device when your device and your computer are connected. For example, if you update information for a contact on your device, when your device is connected to your computer, the contact info is also updated on your computer as well.

To use the Computer Data Sync app, you must also download the app on your device but there is a desktop component as well for Windows and Mac that can be downloaded from the BlackBerry Device Switch site. BlackBerry has already taken the covers off the app by adding it to their newly redesigned BlackBerry Help page and the desktop apps are readily available for download, so not sure why the beta seems so limited.

Click here to learn more about the Computer Data Sync App for BlackBerry