OS 4.5 Upgrades Now Available from CrackBerry.com!

Update: HOOOOLLDDD your Horses. Don't get too excited clicking and hoping to update anything just yet. Apologies to the frustrated members of CrackBerry Nation who were excited to update to the latest release of OS 4.5 officially. Our buds over at BerryReview have summed up the situation nicely so I'll borrow from them on this:

Looks like the Web Upgrade for OS 4.5 we mentioned before is limited by your PIN # and its association with your carrier. If your carrier does not officially support OS 4.5 then this is useless. In essence this Web Based option just helps people to upgrade their OS officially. Talk about a letdown... 

To check if an OS upgrade is officially available for your device, go here: https://www.blackberry.com/hhupgrade/

For more info on this slightly messy information, click here. Sorry all... back to waiting! **

Been jonesing for OS4.5??? It looks like your day has "officially" come! RIM has made made OS4.5 BlackBerry device upgrades available via the web at blackberry.com/upgrades

Assuming you're using Internet Explorer (you'll need IE to get the ActiveX Control to work), just visit blackberry.com/upgrades and click the Upgrade button. Follow all of the instructions and you will soon have yourself the latest offical OS for your BlackBerryd device. I haven't had a chance to check into exactly what version of OS4.5 it will spit back yet (and whether or not all devices/carriers are supported), so if you give it a go be sure to report back in the comments with your findings and experiences.

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