BlackBerry isn't known to be an amazing mobile video device, but according to the second quarter report by mobile company Vuclip - that could be argued. The list shows off the top 30 devices for global mobile video use. Not surprising, the iPhone takes the top spot. What is great to see however, is that BlackBerry devices occupy the number 2-7 spots. The BlackBerry Curve 8520Bold 9780Curve 9300Bold 9700Bold 9900 and Torch 9800 all made the list. Even the Bold 9790 landed down at number 23. 

Now keep in mind this isn't just North America and takes into account all devices across the globe. Given the high use of BlackBerry in Asia and other areas, it's not a shock that so many BlackBerry phones are on the list. Overall it's awesome to see them doing so well here.

You can learn more about Vuclip or check out the whole list at the link below.

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