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The virtual keyboard is still very much loved and wanted by BlackBerry 10 users

To coincide with the launch of the BlackBerry Classic, hopefully you saw the poll we ran last week where we asked you which BlackBerry 10 device would be your next? With BlackBerry listening to what customers want and bringing back the function keys and optical trackpad on the Classic I was...

Ready to upgrade your BlackBerry? Which device are you getting - Passport or Classic?

So now that the awesome BlackBerry Classic has officially launched and hitting retailers around the world over the next few weeks it may leave some folk in a bit of a predicament. For those of you that are due to upgrade your smartphone it's possible that you're now left with the decision to make...
TELUS sales of the BlackBerry Classic go live!

TELUS sales of the BlackBerry Classic go live!

If TELUS is your preferred carrier and you want to get your hands on the brand new BlackBerry Classic, you can now place your orders. Sales of the new QWERTY smartphone with the traditional navigation keys and trackpad have gone live with two-year contract pricing set at only $50. If you want to...

BlackBerry Classic coming soon to Vodafone UK - but only for business customers!

If you're a Vodafone customer in the UK I bring you both good news and bad. The company dropped me a quick email to advise that they would indeed be stocking the new BlackBerry Classic in early January, but only for business customers. Now I know that the enterprise market is where BlackBerry...
BlackBerry Classic launched in Singapore

BlackBerry Classic launched in Singapore

Following the launch of the BlackBerry Classic in New York, BlackBerry has now announced the BlackBerry Classic for Singapore as well. In Singapore, the device is available now through all of BlackBerry's major Singapore operators. Cameron Vernest, Managing Director, Singapore & The...
BlackBerry Classic now available through Virgin Mobile Canada

BlackBerry Classic now available through Virgin Mobile Canada

Live in Canada and want a BlackBerry Classic right now? If so, Virgin Mobile wants to hook you up with one. As listed on their site, you can now pick a BlackBerry Classic from the carrier for as little as $49.99 with a two-year agreement. The pricing gets tiered based on the plan options you...
BlackBerry CEO John Chen

Miss the BlackBerry Classic launch event? You can now watch the replay

If you weren't able to tune into the BlackBerry Classic launch event live, you can now head on over to the event website and watch the replay at a time that is convenient for you. In order to take it all in, you'll need to set aside about an hour and ten minutes unless there's some parts you feel...
BlackBerry Classic

AT&T, Verizon and other carriers confirm they will sell the BlackBerry Classic

The BlackBerry Classic will be sold by AT&T in the US, as confirmed by the U.S. wireless carrier today. However, it did not reveal a launch date nor a price point for the smartphone. Verizon Wireless also posted word they will sell the smartphone, but did not offer a price point. The carrier...
BlackBerry announces partnerships for launch of BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry announces partnerships for launch of BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry has announced a couple of new device partnerships with Mackenzie Health and Ingram Micro Mobility. Both companies will launch the new BlackBerry Classic. Mackenzie Health will launch the device to its employees, including those in sensitive positions. In addition to launching the...
BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic shown off in new videos with the emphasis on business

The official launch of the BlackBerry Classic today was accompanied today by a series of official videos that focused on the business uses of BlackBerry's latest smartphone. Two of the videos are slick looking commercials for the BlackBerry Classic, showing off the physical keyboard and...
BlackBerry officially announces the BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry officially announces the navigation-bearing BlackBerry Classic

After teasing for ages, BlackBerry today finally and officially announced the BlackBerry Classic. The phone combines the best of BlackBerry 10 with a design that melds together the modern BlackBerry Q10 with the classic navigation keys and trackpad loved on the BlackBerry Bold 9900. It's a heck...
BlackBerry Classic With Leather Pouch

BlackBerry Classic photo gallery!

Now that the BlackBerry Classic has been announced, we can show you all some better images of the device up close and personal. Below, I've laid out a nice selection of some random and device comparison shots for everyone. You can jump for a better look or you can head on over to the BlackBerry...
BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic Review!

The wait is over. The BlackBerry Classic has now arrived, and it brings the promise of the speed and performance of BlackBerry 10 with the familiar and classic navigation keys you know and love. All that in a package that is 'designed from the ground up to meet the needs of productive people who...
BlackBerry Classic Live Blog and Chat!

BlackBerry Classic Launch Live Blog and Chat!

Is everybody ready? Today is the day for the BlackBerry Classic launch in NYC, Frankfurt and Singapore and you can tune into all the action as it happens both here in our live blog and via the streaming link at the BlackBerry Live events website. Settle in, kick back, have some fun and wait for...
WIND Mobile to get Blackberry Classic next month

WIND Mobile to get BlackBerry Classic next month

As anticipation heats up ahead of the Blackberry Classic's official launch, WIND Mobile has announced that will be bringing the device to the great white north next month. The announcement was made via the company's Twitter account earlier today: Super exciting news... the #BlackBerryClassic...

Reminder: Join us for the BlackBerry Classic launch December 17th

Don't forget to join us December 17th (that's tomorrow!) at 10:00AM EST for the BlackBerry Classic launch event. We'll be live streaming the event right here so make sure you're here for the announcement and to take part in the chat with fellow BlackBerry enthusiasts! Bla1ze will be attending the...
BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic now available to pre-order from Amazon, official promo video in tow

With BlackBerry's store running out of Classic pre-orders for a bit there, it looks like you now have another option for placing a pre-order. Amazon now has the BlackBerry Classic pre-order listed for $449 ahead of the device's official launch on December 17. The listing also features a promo...
It's time for the BlackBerry Classic

From the Editor's Desk: It's time for the BlackBerry Classic

February 25th, 2014 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That's when BlackBerry announced they would be releasing a keyboard phone with the classic trackpad and function keys, better known at that time as the BlackBerry Q20. Since then, the device has gone through a bit of a branding change,...
BlackBerry Classic pre-orders sold out in North America

BlackBerry Classic pre-orders sold out in North America

The BlackBerry navigation keys and trackpad are so popular that Shop BlackBerry has announced that the BlackBerry Classic is sold out of its pre-order inventory in North America ahead of a scheduled launch this month. According to BlackBerry's online shop, the $449 smartphone is expected to be re...
BlackBerry Classic Preview: Brick Breaker returns with trackpad controls

BlackBerry Classic Preview: Brick Breaker returns with trackpad controls

Ah, Brick Breaker. The classic game that came pre-loaded on BlackBerry smartphones for years was a favorite time waster for many but when BlackBerry 10 arrived, it was left behind. Eventually, it was re-imagined for BlackBerry 10 and released into BlackBerry World but without trackpad navigation...



The BlackBerry Classic is the third physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 device. Announced at MWC 2014, the BlackBerry Classic brings back the classic trackpad and function keys that we haven't yet seen on BlackBerry 10 devices. It joins the Q5 and Q10 in the QWERTY line of BlackBerry 10 devices. The BlackBerry Classic is set to launch on December 17th 2014 at events held in New York, Frankfurt and Singapore.