If you're a Vodafone customer in the UK I bring you both good news and bad. The company dropped me a quick email to advise that they would indeed be stocking the new BlackBerry Classic in early January, but only for business customers.

Now I know that the enterprise market is where BlackBerry are focusing, but yet again it looks like that when I visit a Vodafone store I probably won't see a BlackBerry on display - something I'm now used to, but it still gets on my nerves.

With the BlackBerry Classic taking a step back design wise, to give users the look and feel of the traditional BlackBerry, complete with the 'toolbelt', I suspected that the UK networks may once again be showing off the new device to consumers. It's starting to look like I was very wrong.

Vodafone have said that the Classic will be available to buy via telesales, online and in retail stores, but will we see a display model if it's business only? I suspect not.

This could well change and the decision by Vodafone to only offer the BlackBerry Classic to business customers may just be an initial phase. Only time will tell on this one and it'll be interesting to see what the other UK networks decide to do.

Are you a Vodafone UK customer that was planning to upgrade to the Classic but now may not be able to? Vent your feelings in the comments?

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