BlackBerry Classic now available from WIND Mobile

WIND Mobile has been pretty great about keeping potential BlackBerry Classic buyers in the loop about the device's availability on their network with the most recent update claiming 'very soon'. Well, they meant it because the BlackBerry Classic has now arrived on WIND and is showing available through their online storefront. If you're looking to grab one, you can do so for $499 outright or take on a WINDTab with the following offers.

  • $0 with $60 plan
  • $99 with $50 plan
  • $249 with $44 plan
  • $249 with $40 plan
  • $349 with $35 plan

We're not sure if the device has hit all retail locations as of yet, but it's certainly available for purchase if you've been waiting to get your hands on one. Hit this link to go to the WIND Mobile site or this one to read our full BlackBerry Classic review. $0 on a $60 plan is pretty sweet.