BlackBerry Classic now available for purchase online from T-Mobile

As expected, thanks to the earlier announcement, the BlackBerry Classic has now arrived on the T-Mobile website and is readily available for purchase. For $18.33 a month (24-month contract) and $0 down, consumers can pick up the BlackBerry Classic without damaging their wallet. If no contract is the way you wish to go while still purchasing your device from T-Mobile, you'll have to hand over $439.92 which is the full retail price, but that still comes in a little bit cheaper than the ShopBlackBerry pricing of $449 right now.

We've given the BlackBerry Classic a full review already, so have a look if you're still on the fence. Need to see the device before you purchase it? T-Mobile stores will begin selling it on May 15th, so should be at least able to view a demo unit then but you should probably still call ahead before making the trip, just to be sure they have one available.

With that covered and out of the way, here's a photo of BlackBerry CEO John Chen wearing a T-Mobile shirt while holding a not-yet-released color variation of the BlackBerry Classic. Enjoy!

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