Concept time once again and this one is a reworked version from regular forum poster DYLANHABKIRK who initially brought us a concept of the BlackBerry Classic/Q20 a short while back. But in true CrackBerry style he took onboard the comments that were left in the post and tweaked the design - good on him!

So what's new with this concept:

I moved the Volume, and Power / Sleep / Wake Button to the side. This allows the user ease of access considering the device gained some height with it's 3.5" 1:1 screen.

Obviously I cannot please everyone, but my intentions are to bring a new, yet Classic, Original design to the table. With more square corners, a leather back, and an easier to use lowered keyboard.

This one's looking pretty darn sweet if you ask me. Whether we'll see a return of the leather back to the BlackBerry Classic remains to be seen. I'm not sure I would want it but it is a 'classic' BlackBerry feature going back to some of the older legacy devices. 

Once again, feel free to jump into the forum thread and sound off with your thoughts. And if you like the wallpaper seen above you can grab that there too. 

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