As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, NASDAQ recently hosted a closing bell ceremony and luncheon with the focus being placed on 'Your Evolving Digital Life' that covered the smart world we live in and the importance of educating everyone on cyber security as we become increasingly connected. Joining in on the discussions was BlackBerry Chief Security Officer David Kleidermacher, who also sat down with CNN to discuss IoT, cybersecurity and BlackBerry's role in it all.

As can be expected from a two-minute video, the conversation was brief but certainly kept in line with the topics with Kleidermacher noting that everything involved needs to be end to end as far as security is concerned, and BlackBerry has the tools in order to be successful in that space between QNX, Certicom as well the BlackBerry global network infrastructure and back-end services.

That infrastructure handles approximately 35 petabytes of mobile data per month in data centers located around the world and manages peering connections with more than 300 mobile operators and 400 partner networks worldwide and is notably one BlackBerry's largest assets alongside Certicom in their IoT security plans.

Source: CNN