BlackBerry Style 9670

My BlackBerry is like my 4th child. It has it's sweet moments when everything runs smoothly. It also has it's temper tantrums where nothing seems to go right and I find myself pulling it's battery for punishment (sometimes I leave it out for a few minutes extra just to show it who's really the boss). I don't make my kids sleep on a hard counter or night stand so why should my BlackBerry? This is why I use the BlackBerry Charging Pod for the Style 9670. While it may not be as fancy as the one pictured above, it gives my baby a safe place to sleep at night and is still close at hand. The pod also allows me to save the USB port from needless stress.

BlackBerry charging pod for the Style 9670

BlackBerry Style 9670 Charging Pod

The 9670 (along with my 9800) is the perfect phone to be used as an alarm clock when placed in the charging pod and I can also use it to sync my 9670 to my PC as well when sitting at my desk. It truly is a "Must Have" BlackBerry accessory. There is pretty much a charging pod for every BlackBerry device out there so if you haven't checked one out yet, head on over to and order yours today! Also, don't forget to order an extra USB cable if ordering more than one charging cradle. You really don't want to transport that cable with you everywhere.

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