BlackBerry chandelier

Michael McHale usually works on chandeliers with old pipes and gas fittings, but for this project, he's made quite a piece from old BlackBerry models. You'll spot the Tour, a couple of 8800s in there, and some 8500-series devices dangling all purdy-like. The custom-made Ozymandias Chandelier borrows its namesake from a Percy Shelley poem popularized by a recent Breaking Bad episode.  It's all about a great fallen king. 

In that light, this chandelier takes on a slightly sadder tone, but even still, BlackBerry fans will appreciate these devices, normally left to the landfill, being dolled up as a centerpiece. Particular attention was paid to the trackball and trackpad area, which, as we all know, was the focus of quite some attention. The Ozymandias Chandelier took a couple of weeks to make, and includes optically pure leaded crystal and small LED lights inside each device.

Looking at McHale's other chandeliers, odds are getting your own made will cost a pretty penny, but if you're so inclined, hit up his website and see if you can get a quote. It sure is a classy way of commemorating a bygone era.