BlackBerry National Security

BlackBerry CEO John Chen stood fast against claims from competitor Good Technology that customers were seeking them because BlackBerry couldn't handle multiple platforms. As most folks around CrackBerry will be eager to point out, BlackBerry's been doing that for awhile, and Chen reiterated the fact in a recent blog post.

"BlackBerry has provided multi-platform OS management for nearly 2 years now, so let’s put that to rest. Good Technology may talk about 5,000 customers but with 30,000 new BES10 servers installed in the past year alone, I’d argue that we’re the ones getting the calls from customers. ... We’re fully transparent with our customers about what they get from us; our new pricing structure is crystal clear and most importantly, unlike other companies, when we say something is free, we mean that it’s free."

That last part was referring to their new EZ Pass upgrade program for BES10. The blog post went on to explain how regulated industries require the highest grade of security compliance, an area in which BlackBerry excels.

With BlackBerry going back to its roots in enterprise, being vocal about its position of dominance is more important than ever. BlackBerry's current business customers certainly have to deal with a wide array of devices, and Good Technology is really the only other one around to take on that job. Statements like this can only do good things to keep their enterprise customers confident in the solution. Clearly BlackBerry's doing fine on the security front, but they aren't letting up. New initiatives like eBBM show a ton of promise.

IT admins, have you ever played around with Good's solutions? Are they up to snuff?